Lance armstrong dating olsen twin

It was stated that he did not embody the spirit or goals of the Foundation and resigned of his own will.) Third base with an Olsen twin; that's the sin, face it!

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(Ruth's records were set before Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier in 1947.

Armstrong mocks Ruth's weight again, saying he's just a fat rapper with no talent. He's saying if he can beat cancer, then beating Ruth won't be hard at all.) You lived strong; beat cancer. (Ruth's being sarcastic about Armstrong's victory against cancer.

He's also calling himself slim by saying Ruth is fatter than he is.) I beat cancer! This is also a reference to the "Livestrong Foundation", the nonprofit founded by Armstrong to support people who have cancer.) Now I'll drop your ass faster than your own foundation!

He had become a professional player of the sport quickly and rose to fame.) Just think what you could've done if you would've actually trained!

(Ruth didn't work hard nor did he even train, so Armstrong says if he actually trained, he could have been a lot better, and he wouldn't have had a lot of health problems either.) I'm the pinnacle of physical condition, (Armstrong is calling himself strong and in shape, being one of the most fit athletes at the time of his glory.) While you dip your stick in prostitutes and call it foul tippin'; are you trippin'?

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