Latinas dating white men

However, there are plenty of women of all colors I find attractive for varied reasons.

We talked about it and she couldn't give me a does it matter who you date?I can tell an attractive non Caucasian from an unattractive one, but I've never been attracted to any man that wasn't white (well, just one, but Keanu Reeves is half white and that's all I see when I see him ). She told me she didn't like dating hispanics and preferred the caucasions.I've met some women that wont date or will only date certain types. My wife is latina and she prefers whites but i prefer Mexican values andlife style over the Canadian, passion for sport and eating.Some would tell you to "be true" to your heritage (whatever the hell they mean by that I have NO clue).You remove a few layers of outer skin and guess what we are all the same. Go with you heart and screw what everyone else says. Genetically, sorry, hearing a woman with an Irish accent, I go all "googly" and I also find Polish women attractive (I'm half Polish and half Irish).

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