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this animay shares overarching themes with nodame cantabile. a very simple cast with a slightly exaggerated yet non-complicated problem with hot grills and fast cars.the main difference is that nodame cantabile was boring as shit with annoying as fuck characters that wore my fingerless gloves thin with all my fist clenching and fedora throwing. artwork and music was straight fire just like my mixtape ( everything was perfect for the first 10 or so episodes.With blondy grill kaori out of the picture, the pacing of the show definitely took a hit.There was like 2 episodes of him just struggling to play his keyboard under the sea, there was episodes of him helping the lolli WIHTHOUT titty ribbons supporting her gigantic cans and just general tangents which made me question the direction of the show.first 5 are your generic high school romcom with a beach episode, love triangles and melodrama. then they gotta go concentrate on the band shit and the show becomes fucking K-ON without the cake eating and tea drinking.AND hold up now the childhood friend is coming through to steal yo boy haruna. episode 11 comes along and just fucking shoots you in the dick.if - youre looking for just really awesome fight scenes - have no patience/cant cant stand dialogue - you still watch bleach - spend the majority of your day trading pictures of frogs - are an autistic meme making 12 year old (i.e.all of the above) then this show really isnt for you.

the interaction was really innocent and pure and some what refreshing.

Instead of concentrating on the nucleus of piano nerd, sporty nerd, blonde grill and sporty cod-fag with the 2 other keyboard players having fun and trying to fix his primary problem of being deaf AF, my 300lb ass had to sit through piano nerd coming to terms with his mothers death, triggering my ptsd of when i too, lost my parental figure of my ' XXX busty midgets on the beach XXX' VCR tape.

I get it, its a coming of age show first rather than a romance. i normally hate main characters like piano nerd but he must be doing something right to have so many sexy grills after his donger.

Just once i want the best girl to win and not have to be cucked with a generic shitty ending like this.

But hey, if you like to separate your cartoon genres and love shitty tropes, this might be for you.

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