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additionally, anymore of this shows cockteasing "will-they-wont-they" or "why-the-fuck-dont-they-just-put-it-in-each-other" of the main characters would have me digging my eyeballs out and peeling my skin off trying to commit sudoku. the main relationship is progresses at a glacial speed, surpassed only to kimi ni todoke.the interaction was really innocent and pure and some what refreshing.With blondy grill kaori out of the picture, the pacing of the show definitely took a hit.There was like 2 episodes of him just struggling to play his keyboard under the sea, there was episodes of him helping the lolli WIHTHOUT titty ribbons supporting her gigantic cans and just general tangents which made me question the direction of the show.

i cant praise them enough ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ i really thought this one was going to be a lame as fuck 12 year olds cartoon but it was really excellent story telling, with really great characters and relationships, in an unconventional manner. short hair togame obviously best you donger loving fuck tl dr: you kinda want to kill yourself at parts but its overall, really sweet like catching a glance of side nipple when a mother breast feeds in public.

as far as romantic comedy goes, this really satisfies me in manly and mature ways appropriate for a 32 year old single programmer.

character interaction and plot is really light hearted and enjoyable. the author really wasted time by naming these characters as he/she could have easily just settled for "nice guy, pervert guy, quiet book girl, single-titties, bitch and older-mother-figure-cancer-took-from-me".

Kreygasm ༼ ºل͟º ༽ too long didnt read, no spoilers in the entire review you hentai watching memelord; its the summation of the things i hate, but its now one of my favourite shows.

its episodic, theres a lot of dialogue, its not rom-com, theres no melodrama, no love triangles, no titty ribbons, no beach episode, its not slice of life, theres fighting and powers and shit, it has childish art themes; its basically everything i hate in video james.

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