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"There is no doubt that commitment has been very important in our marriage," Bill Dean said."Sure, we have had bumps in the road and there were times when things went wrong — because no two people ever see everything exactly the same.Oates was among more than 45 people who shared how he met his spouse after the United Methodist News Service Facebook page last year asked about couples who met through United Methodist ministries.He and others who spoke to UMNS attested to the positive influence of the church, not only on their personal lives, but also on their marriages.Both Oates and his wife, who now uses the name Dobbs-Oates, are lifelong United Methodists.Meeting at church "gives you a foundation and a sense of shared values that's extremely important in a marriage," Dobbs-Oates said.Linda Horrell, a United Methodist elder and clinical director at the Center for Counseling and Pastoral Care in Manchester, Mo.

She and Lloyd Ramer got to know each other at Lakeshore Methodist Camp in Eva, Tenn., when they were in 10th grade.But, when your marriage and your family are at stake, your commitment makes the difference.Even when things go wrong or problems come, because they do come to all of us, being constantly exposed to Christian teaching and trusting in God strengthens us in keeping our commitments and carries us through the storms and back into the sunshine where we grow in love and find happiness." The two, both educators, raised two sons and recently celebrated the blessing of two grandsons adopted from Ethiopia. attests "that good things can come out of committees." He met his wife, Helen Byholt Lovelace, in 1993, when they served on a church board aimed at combating drug and alcohol abuse in northern Europe."Issues of faith are also often a source of tension, too.Yet, those who are from the same faith tradition and especially the same congregation have an advantage of having common relationships and a common language about faith." No matter how a couple meets, she said, The United Methodist Church offers resources to help marriages grow.

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