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From then we have been seeing the crisis continuing with surprising twists.

In recent weeks it got worse than before and resulted many large financial institutions and hedge funds being bankrupt in various countries.

For the past few months, international media has been following the developments in the global financial market and their effects on the “credit crunch” or the current financial crisis.

However it’s only very recently that our media got aware of the crisis and started paying attention on the twists of the crisis.

I can only hope that his name in Chinese means something like "Walks Through Walls" but in English it means his life is full of shame and ridicule.

The only way his name could be funnier would be if his middle name was "Phuckin", in which case I would assume his parents are in fact, the funniest people ever to have lived.

The risky mortgages (usually referred as subprime mortgages in financial contexts) that made by US lenders in late 90s and mostly in early 2000s, and the subsequent securitization of those loans led to the crisis.

For various reasons, lenders were encouraged to make high volume of subprime or risky loans to individuals without sound proofs of credit worthiness.

However we may have some serious indirect consequences which can send our economy into a slump.

I think it’s high time that the government and tourism sector start thinking about this and plan how to tackle the problems.

And this again highlights the danger of not having a diversified industrial base in our economy and depending too heavily on tourism sector.

So the default of the borrowers put those investors on the verge of collapse.

Ultimately in August 2007, the crisis broke up with the collapse of a major US investment bank.

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