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They don't have to do anything but walk to the mailbox and get checks the rest of their life, because they've written some of the best songs ever. We didn't believe it and never called him back but we called my friend and found out it wasn't him. We made the first record we ever did with him which was called , which was John's record.A lot of the people behind the cameras get more money than the people in front of the cameras. It was one of those things that felt so natural and easy.There has always been a stigma in hip-hop that when you hit thirty, you need to retire, like you're playing sports and your knees are bad. Every other genre has respect even if you're seventy years old. Everybody that hears what we're doing say it's that classic Naughty, but it's not dated. MR: One of my favorite tracks and one of my favorite titles is "Impeach The Planet." T: Yeah that's one of my favorites too man. Come in knowing that you have to put in work to get anything out of it. Rakalam, which I think he goes by now, also did a lot with Billy (Martin) who was the percussionist in his band, and I'd seen Billy with Bob a few different times.Paul Mc Cartney is just going out on tour again, and he's like seventy something. If the music is hot and you're feeling it, don't think about how long we've been doing it. It doesn't sound like something we've done in the nineties, and it's perfect. KG: Also with the title, it's not like we're putting pressure on ourselves with making anthems. MR: Also "Feel Me Flow" is another one of my favorites. If you just come in like, "I'm an artist," and you say, "I'm not going to do press, or interviews, or be around, and I'm going to be a diva," it will come back on you. Bob is one of those people that talks a lot and tells great stories about the people that he knows and loves.T: Yeah, that's out, it's getting mad hits right now. If not, then you aren't going to last long in this industry, it's a lot of people but it's a small industry. Impeach The Planet - with Du It All, Black & Fam 13. We played with a few different drummers when we extended the format to a trio and Billy just felt different. MR: There are many who consider Medeski Martin & Wood a prototype for improv, and I kind of think it's freeform meets structured jazz. We needed something, and it's definitely important for marketing or the business side. We've tried over the years to try and figure out what we are and try to fit in, and we realize that we don't and we can't. What you said was pretty good, we have a lot of the spirit of jazz improvised music, a lot of spontaneous composition. Jimmy Smith was obviously one, Larry Young, Jimmy Mc Griff was huge for me; Groove Holmes, Billy Preston--it's pretty much everyone, and I would say Jimi Hendrix was a huge influence on my organ playing.

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T: Yeah, not too many artists have come out in the span of twenty years and put out material that has matters. We had worked with him as students and played with him around town and had a little tour together with him in Israel for three or four weeks, which was pretty amazing.

MR: What do you think about the kids that are watching TV and saying, "All I need to do is be on and I'll be set"? I came to realize that music is just good and it doesn't matter what style it is as long as it's coming from the heart.

KG: Like I said earlier, talent alone isn't necessarily going to make it. It gets you the opportunity and you never want to knock the opportunity, but it kind of throws you on top too fast. MR: How did you guys first get together with John Scofield? This was back before cell phones when we were first starting.

There are so many people that are out here that are super-talented and aren't even going to get an opportunity. You can do , in general, there's not a lot of longevity for most of the contestants, as opposed to when you grow a loyal audience over the years. That's what I was saying about what I was telling the guys on Twitter yesterday. It jumped out at the top, but we put in years before that record came in, and that's why we're still here. You can't go on American Idol and be upset because you lose because you've won so many viewers. We had a 1-800 fan line, and the three of us spent many winters in Hawaii on the big island, where we actually recorded a record called .

It's the extra stuff that we're talking about now, it's the work ethic. "You guys can laugh at that old picture all you want, but that shows how much time we've put in and that's why we're here twenty years later." You might think "O. I've seen so many artists going on , not winning, getting record contracts, going platinum, and getting their whole career off the board. He had heard that record and this was one of the winters where we were spending a month or two in Hawaii.

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