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He usually just sat there and let her yell and scream until she go too tired to continued but today, for some reason, it had been going on for almost an hour. I ONLY KEEP YOU AROUND BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BIG COCK!!!!! When she came down, her head hit the floor with a loud thud, knocking her out immediately. After a few minutes, he picked Ariana up and carried her into the bedroom. ” The tears flowed, ruining her mascara but this didn’t stop him. After forcing her to clean his cock off, he picking up the belt and struck her several more time.

Needing a break, Barry went out to the kitchen and got himself a beer.She was propped up against the wall with a full view of the bed.Her eyes slowly opened to the sight of Barry on top of Ariana brutally fucking her in the ass.Barry stood again and removed the bra and panties from Liz’s mouth and quickly replaced them with his cock.Liz was choking and gagging as he slammed his cock down her throat causing her head to bang against the wall with each hard thrust.

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