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I went to another place at school and with the help of a friend was able to connect the drive to a Ne XT cube. We could insert a Medium and it was automatically and correctly mounted as a Mac-removable disk. "Great, so it's ok", I thought, took it home, connected it directly to my Ne XT (without any other drives on the scsi-chain this time) and this time, the "disk -q" worked. After playing around with my other scsi-devices I found out (at least I thought so) that the Jaz has to be the first device on the chain. - Felix PS: Right after writing this article I tried it again.

I was able to format the disk, install a Ne XT-filesystem on it, mount it, was happy and switched everything off. I did a "disk -q /dev/rsd2h" and inserted the disk immediately without waiting for the panel and it worked!

As this is not exactly the behaviour I originally expected from a Jaz-drive, I'm asking you for help. internet: [email protected](Ne XT Mail welcome) For pgp public key finger [email protected] From: [email protected](Randall J.

Rencsok) Newsgroups: next.sysadmin Subject: Re: Help: Booting a Next Cube - CDROM Drive Date: GMT Organization: Michigan State University Message-ID: From: [email protected](Randall J.

Rencsok) Newsgroups: next.sysadmin Subject: Re: Recommended Hard Drives for m68k NS 3.2 (Re: Mail aliases under NS 3.3 with new Sendmail) Date: GMT Organization: Michigan State University Message-ID: I've heard about Quantum (nothing but bad) and Seagate (mixed). Seems fine except every few seconds I hear this bbbblip. I don't like hearing that Seagate bought Quantum and possible revision of warranties (not in time, but in terms). I take this with a grain of salt, but keep hearing that bbbblip (like the head is reseeking every 10-30seconds).

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