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Facebook may follow in the steps of China's messaging app We Chat and add a "red envelope" payments feature that will enable users to send money to others on its service, news site reported.Navarra shared screenshots of the feature on his Twitter account on Nov. "Pick an amount, choose a photo and write a personal message," reads the red envelope page.However big your gang is, ICQ has got room for everyone.In other words, you can now video chat anyone with a Facebook account.Each agency also guarantees that the women they accept are real and carefully vetted by staff before their profiles are published online.Significantly, each of these agencies is the product of a successful marriage between a Western man and a Ukrainian or Russian bride. Parchomenko's new book is the first Ukrainian and Russian bride guide to provide a GPS-like roadmap for serious Western bride seekers.These ladies are mostly college graduates working in professional careers who are honest and sincere.

These ladies are not anxious to leave their homes, families and culture but they will do so to have a family of their own and a good and loving husband.

Hell, this thing has only been live for the last 45 minutes or so, and I'll bet there's already been several unwanted penis exposures .

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Paperback and ebook editions of a Ukrainian-Russian Bride Guide are available from More detailed information on this powerful new tool to guide serious Western men online and in-country, and an interview with the author, may be found at this book's official website, Volga Girl has had 100s of engagements and marriages since 1999.

In fact, when a client corresponds with 3-4 ladies over a 3-6 month period and than travels to Togliatti for a face-to-face meeting with each lady, our clients have had a 75% success rate of becoming engaged and later married resulting from a single 7-10 day trip to Russia.

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