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During an interview with Sputnik, Yaroshenko explained that the aforementioned fantasies are not necessarily something that would be perceived as ‘perverted’ by more reserved and conservative audience, but rather any conscious desire or sexual game that may arouse a person.He pointed out that many people are reluctant to disclose their fantasies to their partners and on other dating services, and that’s where NEWPL comes in.We help people formulate their fantasies and find those who share them," Yaroshenko said.Along with browsing other people’s profiles, NEWPL users may also share their stories and innermost thoughts, either anonymously or publicly.Model, layer 1 conveys the bit stream - electrical impulse, light or radio signal through the network at the electrical and mechanical level.Having worked in it for quite a while, i've grown to realize that basically everything i do somehow ties back to the osi model.

Info: Staycation is an interactive adult visual novel/point-and-click adventure game.The purpose of the osi reference model is to guide vendors and developers so the digital communication products and software programs they create will interoperate, and to facilitate clear comparisons among communications tools.Learn what the OSI reference model is, why it was created and how the seven layers of the OSI framework helps promote interoperability for digital communication.Lower layers of the osi model implement more primitive, hardware-oriented functions like routing, addressing, and flow control.Communication in the osi model starts with the top layer of the stack at the sending side, travels down the stack to the sender's lowest (bottom) layer, then traverses the physical network connection to the bottom layer on the receiving side, and up its osi model stack.

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