Philipine dating patricia

It was not so long ago when I thought I'd never experience to stalk someone like you.. You've always make s proud of you ,even though were just a fan . And the chemistry between you and Hyeri was so damn good that i wanted to see you together again in a drama or movie. park bo gum, i've known you since reply 88 and i fall in love with your charisma, choi taek. Everyday, I watch your drama "moonlight drawn by clouds"its so lovable. I always feel good and lighthearted after watching over and over again your sweet scenes with Ra On. In fact, we are very much Happy because you also inspired us to your beautiful journey.. I love the way you speak,,sing,, the way you smile ,, i love your eyes,, i love seeing you act in dramas ,your acting skill are amazing! Sincerely, Your fan/supporter from the Philippines hi there..... I can't wait to see more of him, I have a feeling he's gonna be big really soon and it's not just a one hit wonder situation here, I feel like he's gonna go places! Joo Won looked like a good actor paying a conductor with the nuances of a conductor and a pianist spot on BUT this boy looked like a real or a musician roped in to play a role in a drama. His performance conducting Mambo was extraordinary. Moreover, the quieter moments are intense but thoughtful. Btw, the girl co-staring him on Runaway Cops was as well really beautiful !

We may be in different race, religion, and belief, but ming you, you really moved me in many things.. continue the great job you have started, our "Crown Prince" Hello, Mr. I congratulate you for doing well in "Love in the Moonlight". You are every girl's dream and I swear I'll be killing the girl who's going to hurt you. We were in one location but didn't have a chance to meet! T Hope we got a second chance, in the right time, in the right place, where we would meet eventually. I am an avid fan of Korean historical dramas since I'd like to know more about Korea and its people. I commend you for your great performance in Love in the Moonlight. I was never a fan of korean actors, until i saw you in the koreanovela LITM.. However, of all the series I've already watched, Love in the Moonlight captured my heart. I never thought I would end up liking you after watching the episodes.? At home i used to watch koreanovela on abs cbn after a love to last. I searched all your website and you had one: twitter. Im not that fan of yours but I like you the way you are. Can't believe he's a 93 liner; his acting just doesn't fit his age (in a good way), like his acting skills are really outstanding and he leaves a deep impact on the viewers. He is my favorite actor right now, he may not be the lead in IRY but for me his character is the game changer of that drama and he is doing it so well. I like the way you act on the koreanovela that was showed on the television entitled "Love in the moonlight". But when i was watching your Drama Series which is "Moonlight drawn by clouds" i was curious about you the Crown Prince in that series. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks that he resembles Lee Hyun Woo!

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