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At home i used to watch koreanovela on abs cbn after a love to last. I searched all your website and you had one: twitter. Im not that fan of yours but I like you the way you are. Can't believe he's a 93 liner; his acting just doesn't fit his age (in a good way), like his acting skills are really outstanding and he leaves a deep impact on the viewers. He is my favorite actor right now, he may not be the lead in IRY but for me his character is the game changer of that drama and he is doing it so well.

I like the way you act on the koreanovela that was showed on the television entitled "Love in the moonlight". But when i was watching your Drama Series which is "Moonlight drawn by clouds" i was curious about you the Crown Prince in that series. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks that he resembles Lee Hyun Woo!

And chukahamnida you won on KBS and you give speach with crying and true feelings i felt on it. Before, I just used to watch Korean Drama series and admired on how they were able to come up with romantic-drama-comedy scenes but now it's totally different.

I cannot help than to cry also your so humble , amiable ,charming man , and Dont ever change it will lead to success .. Park Bo Gum inspired me to visit and work in South Korea. :) How I wish to meet you personally and have a time to chat.

He is cute, okay, i know that this is so irrelevant but he has cute face so i just couldn't help but loving him moreee 4. till then stay healthy my dongsaeng.of love and support from India..mmmuahh Oppa Bo Gumssi... still praying to see you when I was at my right age enough. It is my first time being so addicted and most of it liking video clips, picture wherever i see it... Just take your time and select a drama that suits you. I wish I could travel to Korea and meet you personally together with Park Seo Joon. After watching Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and then Hello, Monster right after, I'm awed by the breadth of PBG's acting abilities, especially at a young age. Hi Bogum, It's my first time to really admire a Korean actor, who is so young but full of talent and sensitivity in acting. I've heard that you'd came here in the SRP, Bohol and Sm cebu last year ago?? He portrayed his character really well in I Remember You! The directors and producers are crazy for waiting this long to put him as the main lead he's really amazing!

I am not so fond of watching movie series even our very own, but i was amazed and appreciated how you portray your character in the movie Love in the Moonlight. And ofcourse, it will not turn out that good if it wasn't because of your great performance as a lead actor. The way his eyes switch from emotion-filled to dead is so effective. I got so curious about this actor in during the 7th episode of Hello Monster that I had to pause in the middle to look him up. You have the gift to create dreams and touch people via your acting. He has such a loving and pure heart that I can’t help but love him. May you be happy always, healthy and find the love of your life. opppa saranghayeo im a big world wide crazy fan of yours im always thinking about you and im always dancing your dance the bombastic dance i lovee uuuu oppaa saranghayeoo may god bless u i hope we will meet thank u oppa for making me happy i guess his now fame was earned from moonlight drawn by clouds (wasn't it? I love the way you smile,when you got angry and when you're too serious.. Really wishing to see him as a lead actor so soon..luv 4rm Nigeria I was always on the Team Taek since the beginning, I was so happy in the last episode. Always support and love him, A huge fan of PBG from Myanmar. Was so cool, attractive, felt sweet love (to the music and Nail) remember me how wonderful the music is. Thereafter I have been searching for news about him. I'm watching your movie entitled Love in the Moonlight at this moment.. I know this is not realistic to fall in love with someone i never met. We have all kinds of food - chinese, malay, indian, western and fusion.. keep being humble, and please make an instagram account :) He is most adorable actor❤️ King of acting seriously.....i smile when he smiles...i cry when he cries He has a talent to move hearts of audience withnhis acting Great achievement in this short time Hope to see you more of u You are so adorable in "moonlight drawn by clouds" drama. They are really cute together *-* Saw him first in naeil's cantabile, thought he had acted as a lead before and I didn't just see the drama,his acting was flawless,his smile a killer,he' super cute,and I mainly saw 'hello monster' cause of him and didn't get disappointed as can just act any part given to him,dats what makes him perfect.. Hope he will get more lead roles in the near future. he is such amazing actor i watched hello monster bc of him and i will watch reply bc of him too (can't wait for this drama) and i am going to watch Bridal Mask bc of him too love him so much ^^ your fan from Tunisia I saw your acting on DVDs of Nail.

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