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Greece’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS) has given its approval for a scene from a new adaptation of John Le Carre’s spy thriller “The Little Drummer Girl” to be shot at the iconic Temple of Poseidon at Sounio.

Members of the Apostoli charity group of the Athens Archbishopric distributed food to homeless people and drug addicts on the streets of the capital through the night from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, in the runup to Easter.

The project «Word Associations Network» gives you an opportunity to lookup associations with a given word.

Word associations arise in the human’s mind when reading or saying a word, or just thinking about the word.

In a sense, they can be called natural classifiers of the conceptual content of the vocabulary of the language.

Ideas and concepts, which are available to the memory of a man are related.

This dictionary often provides examples on the usage of a word.

This phenomenon is called the association (a term proposed in the XVIII century by Locke).

Since Aristotle the people distinguish association by similarity, contrast and contiguity.

Association by contiguity comes into existence when events are situated close together in time or space.

Currently, the three mentioned types of associations are classified as simple or mechanical.

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