Problems dir 655 validating identity

At the top of the screen, where it says, Choose a wireless network, I get an [endless] Validating identity.As of recently, she was able to use this computer to connect to a neighbor's/friend's secured wireless netowork and another neighbor's/friend's unsecured wireless network.Does anyone have any insight into this D-Link-centric issue?I currently run a Windows 2003 server, and I am able to access its PPTP server with no problems through both my DIR655 and EBR2310 (my server has dual NICS).So there's this small business Windows 2003 server that's hosting a number of different VPNs and everything was working fine when the previous, much older D-Link 614 was passing along the packets to it.The router's power adapter failed as they all eventually fail from that time and replaced it with a DIR-655.

I thought that at first, perhaps, a virus and/or malware somehow got by and changed/altered the wireless settings, though the antivirus software and Malwarebytes software is up-to-date and is showing no problems. One of these may be doing strange things with the connection. If that does not work it could be a newtork card driver issue. However, before you do that I would advise you to make sure that you have the driver disc for that netcard (or for the notebook if it is an internal Wi Fi netcard), because Windows will often not have built-in drivers for any given netcard.She's always used wireless from the get-go, and in her particular situation/setup, where the cable goes to her entertainment center, it would be impractical to run an extension coax cable as well an an extension AC cord over to the modem.I did bring over my all-in-one desktop yesterday and checked the direct connection, the Ethernet connection, and at least that works fine.I have also tested a DIR601 and it also worked with no problems when configured the same way (but I currently am using that router for another purpose, so it is not currently setup for passing PPTP traffic, so I can't provide screen shots for that router).Here are the settings I use: For what it is worth, I use extremely restricted NAT (see the screen shots in my earlier post), and that in no way interferes with an incoming PPTP session on my DIR655, DIR601, or EBR2310.

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