Problems dir 655 validating identity

She's always used wireless from the get-go, and in her particular situation/setup, where the cable goes to her entertainment center, it would be impractical to run an extension coax cable as well an an extension AC cord over to the modem.I did bring over my all-in-one desktop yesterday and checked the direct connection, the Ethernet connection, and at least that works fine.If that does not help, then consider uninstalling the Wi Fi netcard.Also, make sure that you are using WPA(2) Personal (PSK) for both the Comcast gateway, and for the Wi Fi client that you are setting up; don't try to use "WPA-Enterprise" or "802.1X" security because that almost certainly will require resources that you don't have (resources such as a security certificate for that connection).Forwarded all the necessary ports and..."Verifying user name and password..."Then I get either an error that GRE isn't being passed or "Error 619: A connection to the remote computer could not be established."I have forwarded under virtual server the following ports for various related reasons: TCP 1723UDP 1701UDP 4500UDP 500IP 47IP 50IP 51So I swapped out the DIR-655 for a DIR-835 which basically has the same interface. I've disabled Enable SPI (disabled)I've unchecked and rechecked: PPTPIPSec (VPN)I simply cannot pass VPN packets to the Windows server through this router and I've had this issue in the past at other locations.So I swapped this router out for a Linksys and it worked right off the bat.Just for kicks, I tried another model of Linksys and it also worked right off the bat with the same port forwarding.

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Here are the settings I use: For what it is worth, I use extremely restricted NAT (see the screen shots in my earlier post), and that in no way interferes with an incoming PPTP session on my DIR655, DIR601, or EBR2310.When I put the CD in the computer, and after getting the Starting installation wizard message, a software setup screen then comes up with Select components.2 boxes with check marks on them. I told her that if we don't get this darn thing resolved before Sunday night, I'll just return it to Comcast and try another one. If the modem and the computer are within reasonable proximity, connect them with an ethernet cable.First box says Hardware enabling driver, second box says Software applications. I was happy to see that, when I accessed her wireless network, instead of almost instantly getting the [endless] certificate/Validating routine, I got that familiar opening of the box (Wireless Network Connection) with Type the key, and then click Connect. Disable the computer's wifi adapter and enable the ethernet port and reboot the computer. On the left side you will see "Change order of preferred networks" click on it.As opposed to deletion and reinstalling, via the device manager, I figured I'd give it a try, updating the Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN. After typing in the Network Key that is on the ARRIS modem, lo & behold, I got an [endless] Acquiring network address. This will get your mom on the interent and you can piddle around with the wifi access at some later time. Then find the network name, click on it, then click "Properties"Go to the second tab "Authentication"Unclick the box "Enable 802.1x authentication for this network"That should fix your problem You asked "why wireless"?Funny thing, I noticed that if I type in any random numbers/letters for other secured networks in the area, the same thing occurs. Well, she only has a laptop and likes to movie around.

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