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I reiterate our intention to keep you informed as conpletely as possible about v/hi,t is going on here at the U of I, to some extent about oui' profe.;sional "world" elsewhere, and occasionally about readers' concerns and news as they be coriniunicated to us and which ive are eager to have. 1 October, 1966 Dear Colleagues: In extending greetings to you as the N^, o L^TTSR begins its txventieth year.M, June Stevens of Forest View, with major assistance from Mrs. IIS, "Techniques in Building a a rogram in igh ocaool ^^^ussian" by Frank Petroii- aitis, Lyons Tv/p. .-eis, Ca.; ark and ^^iver Forest HS, and "Some New Jevelooments in Soviet i'^ilnis" by Jt^iven r. For room reservations call (217) 529-5431, Sr^JJIoh, IT.. The affair gave new and returning faculty inembers a chance to become acquainted. On October 13 the Club sponsored a film, Subida al cielo , directed by Luis Bunuelo Other meetings are scheduled for October 25, when the Club will be co-sponsor with the Department of a lecture by the poet and literary critic Jose Luis Cano, and on November 17 when Prof.The liepartment this year -.velcomes two new faculty members, associate Professor ^^obert S Lott received his ...3 from .-thens College, (-ila,), in 1951, and his i A in 1952 from the U of . Luis Leal will speak, at pm in the General Lounge of the mini Union© On December 16 the traditional Christmas party will be held, at pm in Latzer Hall (The U of I YMCA).

Total enrollment in the regularly scheduled courses is 78; broken down, Arabic 13, Bur- mese 3, Chinese 24 (and yet considered -the, most difficult because of the alphabet system) . The courses are offered in cooperation with the Asian Studies Curriculum.There is at present no literature course offered but one will be added to meet future demands.The classes 'on the 200 level have one hou perweek of required laboratory work; the U of I language laboratory provides a special table for exotic languages. Daud Atiych Abdb, a native of Jerusalem, Jordan, but at present there is little need of an extensive library collection since the courses being taught are still only the basic language courses.Officers for 1966-67 are President Catharine Cortes (Kacomb US), Vice-President Gordon Glen Muirhead (Central HS.Plato Center), Treasurer I.alcolm Mac Kenzie (Francis \'J Parker HS, Chicago), and Secretary Pamela Mc Collum (Granite City HS ), The weekly tertulias are being held as formerly every Friday afternoon from - in the Neivman Hall Cafeteria, The tertulias are for Grad- uate and Undergraduate students alike, as well as guests and interested visitors, to enjoy an afternoon of informal conversationo Ruben Darfo Centennial, North Central College, Naperville, Illinois, is observing the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Ruben Darfo, who was the great poet of Nicaragua during this past century, with a celebration to take place during the week of his birth, Januciry 18, at his birthplace of Metapa, or Ciudad Dario as it is now called, in the capital of Managua, and the university city of Leon where the poet grew upo Plans have been made to fly to Guatemala City and visit the places which Dar£o knew there, and then to continue by bus as far as Costa Rica, In each republic of Central -imerica, the various cities will be visited .

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