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Courses in Arabic are offered on three levels, elementary (201), intermediate (203), and advanced (303).

201 and 203 are taught four hours per week (1 unit) and 30-3, three hours ; per week (^unit) .

"The higii sciiool teachers said they lose, in the senior year, or in the senior and junior years, n any of their best students because of the National erit Scholarship tests^ the story going like this: The best students are a. "This result, I ai;j sure, was the the intention of the I^JIi SC, but it seens to be an umeniable side effect. Can the iu SC include in the future a foreign language component?

If not, can it include "culture" questions based on learning that \cone through foreign language study?

Officers for 1966-67 are President Catharine Cortes (Kacomb US), Vice-President Gordon Glen Muirhead (Central HS.

Plato Center), Treasurer I.alcolm Mac Kenzie (Francis \'J Parker HS, Chicago), and Secretary Pamela Mc Collum (Granite City HS ), The weekly tertulias are being held as formerly every Friday afternoon from - in the Neivman Hall Cafeteria, The tertulias are for Grad- uate and Undergraduate students alike, as well as guests and interested visitors, to enjoy an afternoon of informal conversationo Ruben Darfo Centennial, North Central College, Naperville, Illinois, is observing the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Ruben Darfo, who was the great poet of Nicaragua during this past century, with a celebration to take place during the week of his birth, Januciry 18, at his birthplace of Metapa, or Ciudad Dario as it is now called, in the capital of Managua, and the university city of Leon where the poet grew upo Plans have been made to fly to Guatemala City and visit the places which Dar£o knew there, and then to continue by bus as far as Costa Rica, In each republic of Central -imerica, the various cities will be visited .

It is inueed unfortunate that such an influential agency as the NI'x SC in aetermining quality in preparatory education should have produced an adverse effect in any area of study and particularly that it should have become, uowever unintentionally, a negative influence in what has become an area of critical need in our neitional life." Dr.

Sanskrit, Kashmiri, Turkish, and Korean are "occas- ional" languages (Korean will be offered next year) while the two-year old Department offers regulair courses in Arabic, Burmese, Chihese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, and Modern Greek.

Total enrollment in the regularly scheduled courses is 78; broken down, Arabic 13, Bur- mese 3, Chinese 24 (and yet considered -the, most difficult because of the alphabet system) . The courses are offered in cooperation with the Asian Studies Curriculum.

Eve- lyn Uhrhen Irving, who has carried on extensive research on the life and work of the poet in both Spair.

and Central i\merica, and Dr, Thomas Ball- antine Irving, who was formerly a Professor at the National University of San Carlos in Guatemala and has specialized in Central ilrnerican Lit- erature* January is one of the cooler months to visit the /imerican tropics. Irving at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois, 60540, for detailsa AATSP News for the 1967 National Spanish Tests: Those member teachers who receive order forms by Noveinber 1, 1966, are urged to order their tests for first, second, third, fourth, and fifth year students as soon as possible.

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