Puberty dating

In other words, compared to their peers, these same-race friendships may protect early developing black girls from appearance-related teasing and rumors, the research indicated.

When parents think about puberty in girls, they often think about periods and sex and forget about the physical attributes involved during this time, researchers said.

It may be helpful for parents to educate their daughters about the physical changes associated with pubertal development, Carter said.

Researchers said the findings might be similar for black boys, given they too are the first in their age cohort to develop.

Many adolescents feel that the changes they’re experiencing due to teenage hormones are weird, freakish, or unnatural.

In fact, almost everything that teens go through during adolescence is a normal part of their development.

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Having racially similar friends, she added, enables a more accurate self-evaluation of one's pubertal development.Teenage hormones are the chemicals that cause the physical growth and sexual development that will carry you through your teens and into adulthood.As these substances take hold of your body, you’ll notice that your emotions, moods and sexual feelings are much stronger.The mood swings that teens experience are caused by fluctuations in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—the sex hormones.These same teen hormones will also affect the way they think about dating and sex.

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