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"To be able to know that you're worth more than that and fight for yourself is a really difficult thing."Even though Debby's situation didn't happen with anyone she was romantically involved with, she wants women to know abuse can occur in all forms. This person considered themselves my friend," she says."We also had a professional relationship and it was such emotional manipulation to the point where it became physical, and it stopped before it got too far.

The actress and musician became a household name after starring in Disney's hit show and fronting her band The Never Ending, but now she's ready to show the world a new side of her."I ended my show and a seven-year contract with Disney as a producer, director, and actor. But with one era coming to an end, it leaves room for new opportunities. My entire life is shifting in an interesting way."With this new sense of freedom and independence, she finally has the chance to take time for herself—from hitting up New York City's famous production of to bonding with old friends.

And then grab[bed] me by the wrist and pull[ed] me in a bathroom and lock[ed] the door"Going through an experience like this had a major effect on Debby.

"I thought I was stronger than that, and it can make you feel weak," she says.

Jackass star Ryan Dunn is being remembered by friends, family members, and fans today, exactly one year after his death.

Dunn was killed in a terrible car crash on June 20, 2011 in Pennsylvania after his Porsche ran off the road and hit a tree.

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