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While most acknowledged my wife's abusive behavior, I knew they could not comprehend the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual toll that it took on me.I was near my breaking point but nobody could see the scars.I am now in the beginning of my journey to escape the verbal abuse.While I am getting better, I must admit I do have a long way to go to totally recover from so many years of being a victim.While I am not certain of what the future might bring, I am certain that I made the right decision.The water was near the boiling point and, through the encouragement of family and friends, I was able to jump out before it was too late.

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Personally, I found it very humbling, humiliating, and painful to admit that I was a weak victim. When I tried to seek support from people close to me, who did their best to be supportive and kind, I felt that they could not really understand the gravity of the situation.

The more research I continued to do on verbal abuse, the more I realized the hopelessness of my situation.

I could answer YES to virtually all of the questions on the Home page of this Web site, plus many more that are not listed.

Hi, my name is Terry and I started this Web site because I wanted you to know that you are not alone.

There are many men who are victims of verbal abuse.

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