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I was viewed by many as the happy guy who always knew how to handle stress. When my breaking point was reached, the roof caved in on me.

I managed to find some supportive Web sites, helpful books (which I have listed on the Helpful Info page of this Web site), and learn the necessity of finding a good counselor with experience in helping verbal abuse victims.

The more research I continued to do on verbal abuse, the more I realized the hopelessness of my situation.

I could answer YES to virtually all of the questions on the Home page of this Web site, plus many more that are not listed.

I still shudder every time my phone rings, thinking it might be my wife.

I still hear her abusive comments and commands in my head as I go about my daily life, finding it difficult to regain control of my own thoughts and actions.

I would have never believed that I, a retired Air Force officer and motivational speaker, the eternal optimist who was always in control, could ever be manipulated, intimidated, and controlled the way I had been over the past several years. It took awhile to admit my weakness and accept the cold, stark reality.

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The water was near the boiling point and, through the encouragement of family and friends, I was able to jump out before it was too late.I am now in the beginning of my journey to escape the verbal abuse.While I am getting better, I must admit I do have a long way to go to totally recover from so many years of being a victim.Like many verbal abuse victims, I had no awareness of what was happening to me until I was in over my head and did not know how to get out.I was like the frog in the biology experiment that is boiled to death by not realizing that the water is being gradually turned up higher and higher.

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