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Here are some examples of common project risks: Risks can be tracked using a simple risk log. The schedule is who does what when and could be impacted by their own dependencies and capacity.

Add each risk you have identified to your risk log; write down what you will do in the event it occurs, and what you will do to prevent it from happening. Having followed all the steps above, you should have a good project plan. We are on the verge of establishing an NGO (which is indeed a big project) and I am wondering how to write the roadmap and the first project proposal. I did enjoy this article and will read the suggested "21 Ways to Excel at Project Management". Having the ability to secure or lockdown resource is probably the most difficult part to any project.

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For each task determine the following: Once you have established the amount of effort for each task, you can work out the effort required for each deliverable, and an accurate delivery date.

For each, describe their roles and responsibilities on the project.

Next, specify the number and type of people needed to carry out the project.

This article looks at a simple, practical approach to project planning.

On completion of this guide, you should have a sound project planning approach that you can use for future projects.

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