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Jessica moved close to the detective and put her hand on his prick. She was naked and spread her legs wide, massaging her clit. The knob was rocky hard, she squeezed it with her hands, making it as red as the nail polish on her nails. She was taking his dick in and out of her vagina, swaying her hips all the time.

When Alan came into the dressing room, she didn’t even try to cover her breasts with her hands. Neither Alan, nor Jessica was hiding their arousal when the film was through. When he went out of the room to call to Scotland Yard and then entered the room, he saw Jessica lying in bed, waiting for him. She pulled off his clothes and took the phallus out of the pants.

Articulate, natural redhead with a temperament as fiery as her hair. I will make sure you are given the punishment you deserve.

Highly experienced and sadistically skilled in the art of consensual BDSM and fetishistic perversions.

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It was rather visible between her lips, it was trembling. She sucked into the dickhead and was sucking it till Alan felt sperm flowing to his lower belly. She was looking at it for a while and then pulled Alan down. He was getting more and more aroused, getting deeper and deeper into her burning twat.

Even before he came she cupped his back with her legs for him to feel other soft lips deep inside her pussy.

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