Seniors truth or dare chat rooms

Each of those two people right clicks on that leader's name, selects "Send Message," and sends a private message to him consisting of the name of one movie star.The Leader announces the names sent to him, and the players in the room have to find a way to "connect" them together via roles they've played.But to mix things up a bit when playing with adults, change the position of the syllables when you give clues, get more creative with the sounds of the syllables (eg.“gorge” for “ George,” or “ouch” for the third syllable in Liberace’s name), etc.When playing in a chatroom, the clue-giver should type the write answer in capital letters after it is guessed.This way all the clues can be easily spotted when scrolling.Remember the object isn't to stump the others, but to challenge a little and have some fun.This can be played as a game, with players challenging each other, or more conversationally, with players trying to figure out the connections together.

The leader thinks of an individual with whom the average person in the room would or should be familiar.

(When playing in person as opposed to in a chatroom, the leader can use gestures to indicate “chop off a sound,” “sounds like,” “stretch out sound,” etc.

After the syllable clues are given, the leader can give no more clues except by gesture to indicate placement of syllable, to indicate someone is close to the answer, etc).

An example using song titles: Articles (a, an, the) don't count toward titles. Variation: Silent Es are dropped such that the player who gives "Under the Double Eagle" as an answer is followed by one who has to think of a song that begins with the letter "L".

If agreed-upon, the same can be done with Ks, Qs, Xs, Ys, and Zs at the end of words. The object chosen must be a concret object made of matter, not an abstract idea such as "Truth" or what not.

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