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An example using song titles: Articles (a, an, the) don't count toward titles. Variation: Silent Es are dropped such that the player who gives "Under the Double Eagle" as an answer is followed by one who has to think of a song that begins with the letter "L".If agreed-upon, the same can be done with Ks, Qs, Xs, Ys, and Zs at the end of words. The object chosen must be a concret object made of matter, not an abstract idea such as "Truth" or what not.(When playing in person as opposed to in a chatroom, the leader can use gestures to indicate “chop off a sound,” “sounds like,” “stretch out sound,” etc.After the syllable clues are given, the leader can give no more clues except by gesture to indicate placement of syllable, to indicate someone is close to the answer, etc).

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The person just under him in the user list asks the leader a question about the character he's chosen, and the question must be able to be answered with a "yes" or a "no." The next person does the same until the character chosen in guessed.Once the message is received back by the person who wrote it, he types out the original message as originally sent, and then types out the message as received after it's made the rounds. Make the messages two or three sentences long and don't use foreign words or words with which the average person wouldn't be familiar.The goal is to see how a simple, basic "gossip" type meme is so easily mangled; the goal isn't to confound for the sake of confounding.If the original message is lost, the game can't work.To copy text in the chat room: select the text and use CTRL C To paste text in the chat room: use CTRL V The Leader chooses two people in the room, at random.

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