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This leaves me feeling grief stricken but I have no option even though she is homeless and has no job.

I just can’t do it anymore, always giving in to her demands, giving her money, thinking I’m helping her, when I’m reality I’m only enabling her habit. read the full post My family and I are approaching FIFTEEN years since my brother passed away.

This blog is being run in partnership with The Icarus Trust, an organisation that supports family members affected by drug and alcohol use.

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read the full post My son is 25 and has Asperger he dabbled with smoking weed from early teens and moved to cocaine then heroin and is now on a methadone programme.

I’m sure he still smokes weed and cocaine and most certainly causes immense heartache and distress to me my husband and extended family.

I want to talk you about my lowest point, made one hell if a lot worse from drug and substance abuse one of these substances nearly ended my life. read the full post My daughter was born in 1980 a bright child who struggled at school with ADHD got into difficulty with drugs at about 16. Came out and was found a place but went crazy on on having a social life ,meals out etc. read the full post2015 our daughter moved to So Cal from Texas.

Her son Luke is 21 this year and her daughter is 16 and is fostered with a family. Then ringing me that he has no money for other his Rent or money for his Oyster card, food . Age 17 she met a neighbor Travis Russell age 34 at the time..

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