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Its civilian-marked craft were frequently used, under the control of the Seventh/Thirteenth Air Force, to launch search and rescue missions for US pilots downed throughout Southeast Asia.Air America pilots were the only known private US corporate employees to operate non-Federal Aviation Administration-certified military aircraft in a combat role.The Air America name was resurrected during the mid-1980s and used by a scheduled passenger airline based in Los Angeles which operated Lockheed L-1011 Tri Star wide body jetliners with flights serving Baltimore (BWI), Detroit (DTW), Honolulu (HNL), London (LGW) and Los Angeles (LAX).In August 1950, the CIA, at the direction of the National Security Council, formed a Delaware corporation named Airdale. Asiatic Aeronautical Company, Ltd changed its name to Air Asia Company, Ltd the same year.

When the North Vietnamese Army overran South Vietnam in 1975, Air America helicopters participated in Operation Frequent Wind evacuating both US civilians and South Vietnamese people associated with the Saigon regime.Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline covertly owned and operated by the US government from 1950 to 1976.It was used as a dummy corporation for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operations in China.Air America flew civilians, diplomats, spies, refugees, commandos, sabotage teams, doctors, war casualties, drug enforcement officers, and even visiting VIPs like Richard Nixon all over Southeast Asia.Its non-human passengers were even more bizarre on occasion.

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