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I have referred all of my single friends to your site and will continue to do so!!! Love, Ellixandrea (Orange County, April 2016) I meant to email this summer but time flies.I remember our host saying at the event we went to that you wanted to know if we ended up in a relationship after one of pre dating’s events.I also wanted to meet people of other races and background to broaden my search for a long-term relationship.I will be attending the lock and key event in February so I will see your there. Damon (Detroit, January 2017) Thank you for resubmitting my receipt. Also thanks for convincing me to come out last night.🙂 I want to thank you again for holding these speed dating events and what a wonderful job running them!Without you, I don’t think I would have ever met this wonderful woman called Nina.I just wanted to tell you that I had such a fun time! But speed dating did to see people first hand and talking to different folks for five minutes was fun. Doing this have brought new life into me because I have been single for so long and I tried online dating and even life coach dating and it did not work.

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In fact, I was dead set against it when you called me. ) We both joke about that a bit because neither of us were expecting much and it turned out quite the opposite. Mimi (Tampa, June 2017) After speed dating that night I got a group of 8 of us together and we stayed after and talked with each other!!And actually that was the time that is needed to really know if you into someone or not.Thus, could you take me off this distribution list.We are both very happy and feel free to use us as an example of how speed dating works…………….. I have never been happier in my life……I’m old…….of. Take care, Ron (Raleigh/Durham) April 2015 I never thanked you for hosting our event last night (July 13 2014 Fitzgerald’s ages 24-36F) at Fitzgerald’s.

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