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That's why for the past few years we've been recommending Docu Pop, a reputable organization that has helped many of our educators ease the financial burden of student loans. Currently, instead of paying a full 5.00 a month, I am only paying .33 a month.Contact Docu Pop toll-free at 877-673-8504 to see if you are eligible for student loan forgiveness. Thank you so much." Randy San, Workforce Enrollment Specialist, Bowling Green, KY "I, my son, and my stepdaughter took advantage of the student loan consolidation offer. What a relief to finally feel like we are getting somewhere with our student loan debts. " The goal of Docu Pop is to assist you in finding an effective solution for getting your student loans reduced to a manageable payment -- or even forgiven!As an ABA member you and your firm are eligible for discounted rates on the coverage needed to protect you, your firm, and your employees.

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We will work on your behalf to ensure the process of consolidating your Federal Student Loans is easy and successful!

You will be responsible for keeping up on time payments with the Federal Government and First Loan Choice has no contact with any student loan servicing agency.

We simply do the work for you and send you all updated information in regards to your new loan payment and terms.

If you are looking for financing now, you may have come across agencies who "match" clients with loan options.

The problem there is that you will NEVER speak with that agency again and therefore are back on your own looking for loans. And yet other agencies are clever credit repair companies disguised as someone who can give you money.

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