Teddy geiger dating

Tom must find a way to prevent damaging both his career and love life.

Meanwhile, Bran's relationship with Scott progresses until a pregnancy scare threatens to derail it.

By its third episode on February 7, viewership was down to 6.2 million, and CBS pulled it from the schedule, with no plans for its return. CBS has one episode available free for online viewing via its new Innertube website and intends to make the other 7 episodes available for viewing there as well.

Singer Gordon Decker cracked under the pressure of the music business years ago and never completed his long-awaited second album.

Tom now has the chance to buy Gordon's catalogue, but in order for it to be financially beneficial to True Vinyl, he must get Gordon to record the rest of the album.

Through Tom's efforts and eventual brainstorm, Zoe is partnered with Wayne and the innovative collaboration results in a on You Tube.

Meanwhile, Mike and Karen look for a nanny for their child and Shooter gets involved in a new relationship.

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