Texas dating delaware

Just bring us to the outlets, or any of the malls, and we'll be good. We're proud of the history that Delaware has been a part of - from the first settlements to being a popular state on the underground railroad, to more modern history like the East Coast's finest music festival, Firefly.

Paying more than you need to is something that Delawareans just don't understand. We love our weird food traditions, and watching pumpkins fly through the air.

Rolling fields, homemade ice cream and all the space you could ever need - Slower Lower is our paradise.

The noisy north can keep their traffic and hurriedness; we'll take it our way.

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The divisions and troubles of the American Revolutionary War and United States' independence pushed them farther west.

Don't take us on a date to the city; we would much rather go for a picnic or a drive down country roads together.Whether you’re the one from out of state, or your new love interest is a displaced Delawarean, we thought it was right to warn you about a few things you need to know if you’re dating someone from Delaware.People from other states have "small world" moments - people from Delaware live in a small world. But we're not directly related to Delaware's most famous family, and we're kind of sick of that joke.There's a lot that this little state has to offer, and you'll certainly get to know that by dating someone from Delaware!Are you a white man who prefers black women to date?

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