The dating game tales from the trenches

I was on a PC game that was trying to ship worldwide before the end of a fiscal quarter.For a large, publicly traded game company, getting a game to the retailers before the end of the quarter allowed them to book the sales in that quarter, hit their forecasts, and keep the stock price up.For reasons I cannot explain(but they did not involve alcohol) I relented after a week and called him to wish him happy birthday a week later.

After seeing the *_* look on my face he hastened to assure me that he did have a job and wrote down all his contact details for me.The long and the short of it is I sat in that restaurant by myself while this person kept stringing me along for nearly two hours.Every 5 minutes he would, call, text, whatsapp or get in touch to let me know he was still on his way and could I wait a bit longer.We started having to drive to the airport and purchase counter-to-counter from Austin to the U. A while ago I decided that my fun hiatus as a singleton needed to come to an end.

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