Updatepanel updating

The Update Mode attribute controls this, and it's default mode is "Always" which means it updates when any part of the page updates.

That is assuming you mean the Update Panel control from Ajax Toolkit -Mike Placentra II On Sep 28, am, "ma" Hello, I have two update Panel in my page.

This control works with Script Manager control and it provides you facility to perform partial page updates automatically with the help of client script. NET web form in your web application and add Script Manager and Update Panel controls.

For the purpose of this tutorial you need to add a Radio Button List, Label and Image control inside Update Panel Content Template as shown below: As you can see I am adding the names and image URLs in the Radio Button List control to allow user to select one of the book from the list.

The Update Panel control is doing all the AJAX work in this example.It hijacks the normal postback that would happen when you select a new item in the Radio Button List control and then perform an asynchronous AJAX postback in the background to execute server side code.By default, Update Panel automatically sends asynchronous postback for every child control added inside the Update Panel and this is because of its Children As Triggers property which is set to true.But the panel doesn't seem to update until ALL the processing in the method is done.If I remove the other processing from the method, it works as expected. Here is the update panel from aspx page: Well, as far as I know, you're never actually letting the page run the update.

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