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After years of neglect, the humble bungalow-style house is making a resurgence as owners are drawn again to these urban homes with character, detail and comfortable layouts that make sense.

This book is filled with design ideas from American architects that bungalow owners over here will find inspiring for renovating, remodelling and building new homes.

Combining a hipped roof with an expansive, gabled front porch, this American Bungalow resembles Modern Home No.It also appears that the original front porch spanned the entire house, but was later used to increase the living room size.The color is unconventional, but the details are typical for a California Bungalow.It features innovative and tasteful design solutions for a variety of budgets.Twenty homes are richly illustrated in the aspirational specially commissioned photography and specially drawn before-and-after floor plans. - Remodelling inside the walls - Beyond the walls - - Brand new bungalows - The Once and Future Bungalow - * The bungalow is one of the most common urban houses - yet the building boom for bungalows in Britain (from the 30's to the 50's) means that they are now prime for renovation and remodelling.

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