Updating database using datagridview c

Command Text) End Sub Private Sub submit Button_Click(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Click ' Update the database with the user's changes. Replace the given value with a ' valid connection string for a Northwind SQL Server sample ' database accessible to your system. You can also build this example in Visual Studio by pasting the code into a new project. Data Source, Data Table)) End Sub Private Sub Get Data(By Val select Command As String) Try ' Specify a connection string. Show("To run this example, replace the value of the " _ "connection String variable with a connection string that is " _ "valid for your system.") End Try End Sub End Class For information about building this example from the command line for Visual Basic or Visual C#, see Building from the Command Line or Command-line Building With Run(New Form1()) End Sub ' Initialize the form. Form Private data Grid View1 As New Data Grid View() Private binding Source1 As New Binding Source() Private data Adapter As New Sql Data Adapter() Private With Events reload Button As New Button() Private With Events submit Button As New Button() _ Public Shared Sub Main() Application. I have a Data Grid View control that I am populating from a SQL Database.I need to know how to update data that I add and edit in this control back to the SQL Database. It doesn't use Data Set and Get Changes, but was very simple to update SQL from the Data Grid View.With the prog update the UI does not even show the new values after the code completes. Allowedit property shows true Hi, The underlying System Generated table adapter is not exposing an update method.The underlying Access query supports updates as when I use it in the access database I can change values. I then used the same methodology to create a dgv based on the table underlying the Access query Its Table Adapter does expose the update method. Allowedit property shows true Hi, The underlying System Generated table adapter is not exposing an update method.

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I got the datagridview to display my Access databaseview by using the Datasources and dragging the exposed view onto the datagrid as per the help instructions I can't get edits to go back to the database.How can i update the data in my database directly through datagridview....? Can anyone tell me the appropriate links and what is the exact event in datagridview that handles it and some explanation abut how to handle it. I have tried editing cells at the UI and also programatically.With a UI edit the pencil comes up and goes away when I move off the record but the update does not automatically pass through to the underlying table.

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