User novell webaccess not updating

For more information go to and search for TID 3382383.If all Group Wise Post Office Agents are not upgraded to at least Novell Group Wise 7.0.2 HP1a, remain on the FTF: Novell Group Wise 6.5 Post SP6 Client Rev 4 Multi.

Additionally, special modules support direct connectivity to other groupware systems, such as Exchange from Microsoft and Domino from IBM. Micro Focus Open Workgroup Suite includes Group Wise.

Previous updates to the Novell Group Wise Object API only required an update to the gwcma1file.

With the latest versions of the Novell Group Wise Object API, a full installation of the Novell Group Wise Client is required.

Background All communication between the Black Berry® Enterprise Server and the Novell® Group Wise® system is handled by the Novell Group Wise Object Application Programming Interface (API), which is included with the Novell Group Wise Client.

In Black Berry Enterprise Server software version 4.1 SP2 to SP7, a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) API mode is also available which handles some processing using event notification, however, the majority of data retrieval is still performed using the Novell Group Wise Object API.

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