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It confirms that, even though our statuses are different, the love we share is equal.”Brittany* had no idea that 64% of U. Now, a whole world of sexual possibility is open to her.

“I have been exploring the lesbian/gay community,” she said. Since she's been on Truvada as part of her HIV treatment, her viral load has plummeted. And that means, when the couple cozies up, they don’t need to break the mood.

Seeking platonic dual (no tetrahedrons as I’m shamefully not self dual).

I’m poly, and if you’re replying you best be as well.

lets assume that your a woman with a man that’s been together for 4 years and lets say that you work with a few guys and in your work place there’s a guy that you talk to everyday at work when he also works that is. but out of respect that she taken he never flirts with her or even hint that he even has interest (i mean i think she wonders sometimes). I will explain in more detail in a reply email please email me best way to reach you and best times to reach you as well as your location area thank you for your time and reading my post - hello cutie…..every time I see you I get the chills and wet…I love the way you dress and like how nice you are it’s cute..

I look down when you don’t notice and want to see what the big bulge looks like naked.I sort of threw a hint but don’t think you caught it.I definitely hope you get to see this or somehow we can meet outside of your job and fuck over and over again….recently got a new name tag Mr.

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My work focuses on the other forces that inhabit this world who allow me to record them on photos, video & audio in addition to seeing them in person.

- fact number one: single life can be exciting fact number 2: it is not all that fun when a beloved person dies fact number 3: i have feelings for someone who does not seem to know what they are or how to express them fact n 4: universe is just a series of chemical elements that…

fact n 5: circles are just triangles that were altered by your vision fact number 6: next life is this life fact number 7: I am here and………..

I’ve been snubbed too many times, and I’m tired of relations being truncated.

You must be more than a mere convex hull of points.–I need regularity.

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