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Sexy lingerie helped me feel confident and attractive," she says. You don't have to wear a sign that says "I've had breast cancer," and you don't have to bring it up until you are ready and feel you have some stake in a relationship.

Here are some suggestions on how to ease into the dating world again after your diagnosis and treatment: Finding a suitable and available companion is always a challenge, but there are enough success stories to keep up hope, to take action, and make things happen.

Ready to master i Message, Apple's texting messenger? Read on for the i Phone texting tips and tricks you might not know about!

Enabling read receipts means that the person you text can see when you've read their text message.

Now every time you type "omw" (for example) it will automatically correct to, "On my way!

She had no way to find help as a single woman looking for a relationship, wanting to know when and how to tell about her mastectomy and her disease.

Once it is enabled, the receipt will say "Read [time here]" beneath your latest text.

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Each time she met someone new, Linda had to struggle with when and how to tell, and then how to behave in intimate situations.Then you'll need to open the Settings app, select Messages, and enable i Message on your i Phone.Tap on where it says Send & Receive, and make sure the correct Apple ID and phone number is associated with your device.There ARE quality single people out there looking for relationships.According to , most couples are introduced to each other by family members, friends, co-workers, classmates, or neighbors.

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