Who is brad arnold dating

Arnold: For me it wasn’t anything anybody specifically told us.

I think it was things I observed standing back in the corner with my hands in my pockets.

So I’m going through this recovery myself.” Arnold said when he looked at other much more established and mature bands, he noticed more and more of the members who may have spent their earlier years partying all the time have reverted to a clean and sober lifestyle, which has helped promote their longevity.

“I think I finally got to a point in my life where I watched alcohol and I watched drugs affect enough people negatively, that I am 100 percent supportive of anything I can do to keep anybody sober,” Arnold pledged.

At the same time, everybody else is doing the same thing, fighting for everybody’s attention.

Everybody wants new music now, now, now — and it’s been five years since our last new music, and we’ve just sort of had to roll with it.

Has this kind of turned into a rock and roll family business for you by now?

We’re from the south, so the situation didn’t really shake us off our grounding too much.

But it was pretty surreal for a long time, playing show after show after show, and waking up in the morning looking in the mirror and saying, “wow, I’m in Paris again.” Even today it’s like that, 20 years later.

” A band profile at talks about how 3 Doors Down exploded from the tiny town of Escatawpa, Mississippi, hitting their peak in the 2000s with a string of post-grunge singles, most notably “Kryptonite,” “When I’m Gone,” and the ballad “Here Without You.” “Kryptonite,” with its minor-key shuffle and references to Superman, was the catalyst for the band’s career, generating an unprecedented buzz at a local radio station — Biloxi’s WCPR — during the band’s independent days.

After starting out as the band’s drummer and singer in a trio configuration, Arnold moved to the front position right around the time Henderson came on board — and the straight ahead rock outfit hit the big time headlining shows and opening or co-headlining with a number of top acts including ZZ Top and Daughtry.

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