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We actually get a little sense of the plot in this one, as John Wick turns down a job which results in a guy sealing his fate as a future victim of John Wick by putting out a contract on John Wick. He was sitting on a bench and looked so forlorn it inspired all kinds of internet inspiration.

Full Story New York Comic Con happened over the weekend, and while not quite as big as San Diego it is still good for new trailers.

Keanu’s failed performances are those that push him toward a theatricality against his natural instincts.

They also tend to be the kind of roles actors use to challenge or prove themselves—difficult accents, lush period pieces, reliance on verbal dexterity.

The most damning performance in his career is that of Jonathan Harker, the fiancé to the legendary vampire’s object of obsession in Francis Ford Coppola’s fever dream take on Bram Stoker’s "Dracula." If you ever come across a list of the top acting miscasts, Keanu’s performance in the film is likely on it.

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Critics and viewers alike refer to him as stiff, shallow, fake, always playing himself.Like Gloria Swanson, Greta Garbo, and the greatest of silent actors, Keanu has immense screen presence and a keen understanding of communicating story through physicality, albeit with a very modern inflection.A simple glance or curled lip can unfurl lengthy character history or upend expectations.These opinions have been repeated enough that they’re treated like fact. Keanu’s power lies not in transformation or the ability to wrap his mouth around clever word play.No, Keanu is at his most powerful when film is at its most elemental.

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