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If you try to force it, it'll be a bad kiss," she says.In April 2011, she was accepted into both New York University and USC and needed to make a decision within a few weeks.She lip-synced About You Now and Stay My Baby at the Macy's Parade on the Build-a-Bear Float.Her first live performance was at the KCA's 2010 pre-show. "Bam" was performed as well, but never shown on television.Joining Cosgrove on tour was You Tube phenom, Greyson Chance, who gained notoriety in 2010 with his cover of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi".

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It was announced that Cosgrove will have her debut solo concert tour called Dancing Crazy Tour (dubbed Dancing Crazy Summer Tour) around the United States.

She inked a deal for 26 more episodes of i Carly, Cosgrove made her music debut in 2007 singing the theme song for i Carly called "Leave It All to Me" which features her Drake and Josh co-star, Drake Bell.

On June 10, 2008, the soundtrack to i Carly was released, including Leave It All to Me and three other songs by Cosgrove, including the next singles: the cover of Amy Diamond's song "Stay My Baby" and "About You Now," originally by the Sugababes, and another track called "Headphones On" which failed to reach the charts.

A talent agent was impressed with her singing and dancing skills, so he signed her up for his talent agency, leading to a career in advertising soon after, as well as other roles and shows.

She began homeschooling after she finished elementary school at Maude Price Elementary School in Downey, California, and then enrolled in an online school program, which she did starting in 2006. Miranda's ethnicity is English, Irish, and French, as told to People Magazine.

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