Who is renee olstead dating

Bill lends money to a deadbeat co-worker for a TV, just as Judy needs some quick cash to get a new hot water heater.

It turns out that Bill made a loan to a guy who never pay people back and the Millers are behind their bills.

He decides to do cheerleading instead, but Bill is unsure about Brian's decision.

Judy tells Bill that they need to try to support him, whatever he does.

When Judy and Bill decide to put his philosophy to the test, they realize that maybe some things should be left unsaid.

After a failed Valentine's Day, Bill and Judy pick a day to make surprise romantic gestures to one another, but each has their plan go horribly awry.In an effort to stimulate her brain, Judy begins to host a book club.Bill makes fun until he picks up the book the club reads one week.Irked that Linda seems to be more involved with her boyfriend's family than her own, Judy resolves to have a weekly family night, and is met with heavy resistance. Judy's steadily bickering parents visit for Thanksgiving, and things only get worse when the couple announce they're extending their already unwelcome stay by a week.Linda tackles cooking the traditional turkey dinner in hopes of winning some praise, while Bill regrets teaching Judy's father his technique for dealing with marital spats.

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