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He has started his own band, called "PJ and the Vibe", with his best friend Emmett.PJ worries that someday he will end up looking like his dad and the band won't continue.He is also hurt whenever he feels he has been wronged, especially by his family.He also prefers to solve his problems by talking them out, ("Story Time") or by a subtly trickery (which often doesn't work). PJ used to work at Kwikki Chikki, a fast food restaurant.He also showed many moments of creativity, resourcefulness, and cleverness.He knows he has something that everyone could want or have and that's kind of weird and not really good.("Good Bye Charlie") He is portrayed by Jason Dolley.PJ is commonly portrayed as sweet, nice, "slow" and dimwitted.

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PJ has sat in the same chairs at the hospital in the delivery room three times, respectively, for the births of Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie (Charlie is 1).Despite this, PJ does care about Bob's feelings and doesn't like hurting or disappointing his dad.When PJ accidentally breaks the last record of Bob's band, PJ feels bad and makes the effort to get Bob's band together.As well as mature in his own ways and not really mean.However, he is at the same time, friendly, generous and kindhearted.

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