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We assume you have relatives and friends in Spain and you wish to make cheap telephone calls to Spain without it costing you a small fortune. There is no SKY TV here where you can get a package with internet, phone calls and digital TV for €19 monthly but in this article we will try to look at some alternatives to get people cheap phone calls in Spain and cheap international calls.If you live in Spain the bad news is that you can only get a land line installed or provided by Telefonica.However the good news is that you don’t have to use Telefonica for your telephone calls.Now Telefonica no longer has a monopoly there are a number of competing cheap telephone call companies you can use and in doing so you will save yourself a small fortune on your Spanish telephone bills.All of our adsl packages include the following: This will still include 120 minutes free calls to EU landlines each month, and FREE UK TV…..The tv can be watched either on your pc screen, or with the pc connected to your television. 3MB ASDL plus landline rental costs €39.99 with no minimum spend and free router.

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We live in Spain too and so we researched all the low cost phone companies.

In other words, the call charges and rates are currently the cheapest in Spain.

If later on someone else undercuts the price then they will beat it.

This means you can watch television without the need for the computer to be switched on, and also leaving it free to use. For further information please have a look at their website This is good especially for businesses as people in the U. do not want to pay for expensive international calls and people in Spain want to make cheap calls to the U. This works with any normal landline and you can make unlimited calls over any existing broadband connection. For €8.99 a month you can expect unlimited calls to landlines in fifteen different countries including the U. Spain and Portugal, unlimited calls to mobile phones in two countries including the U. The second package only costs €5.99 a month and includes unlimited calls to U. landlines and cheap international rates for calls to mobiles and landlines as well free calls between Vonage users. Telitec is the fourth option and is currently the fastest growing network. The authorized dealer in Spain for British Telecom is Cocoon Telecom.

The set top box is priced at 129.95€ Channels include the following : BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 ITV1, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 CHANNEL 4, E4, MORE4 CHANNEL 5, 5STAR, 5USA SKY NEWS CITV CBEEBIES PLUS 7 RADIO STATIONS AND MORE CHANNELS TO COME IN THE FUTURE! Telefonica also run the popular Movistar mobile phone network in Spain. Heavily advertised on Bay Radio this new service is popular with expats as you can keep your U. Apparently British Telecom have been established in Spain for 20 years and they have their own fibre optic networks which means they can offer very competitive call charges because many of the other cheap telephone call companies are buying airtime directly from BT.

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