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Of course it helps to have known role models one can admire.For the most part, saying the Pledge, singing the national anthem and respecting the flag have been things I have done by rote—with some appreciation for them, of course. We say a person is patient only in circumstances when a normal person would be impatient.You can also see the wind sock to see how windy it is.You can also take snapshots and view previous photos.But I've found a strange thing happening in me lately: as criticisms have been heaped upon America as a nation, it has caused me to reflect all the more on the greatness and the good of this nation. (Therefore you must experience impatience in order to appreciate patience.) I don't LIKE it when our very flag, symbol of the nation itself, is desecrated.

If you are not from Florida, you are also welcome to join our Florida Chat Room to meet people from Florida too.

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