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Instead, she saves him, and in the process is allowed to return to earth as a mortal woman, now able to speak English.

Buffy Summers' main romantic relationships were with the vampires Angel and Spike.

She became much less active in her romantic life since Sunnydale's destruction, as she was focused on other pursuits.

In the past, Buffy was romantically linked to sarcastic slacker Oliver Pike, whom she met shortly before discovering her identity as the Slayer.

The angel comes back to see him, finally confirming that it was her original intention to take him to heaven.

Date with an Angel is a 1987 American romantic fantasy comedy film starring Emmanuelle Béart, Phoebe Cates and Michael E. The film was written and directed by Tom Mc Loughlin.

The original music score was composed by Randy Kerber.

Later, Jim awakes to see a bright light illuminating from his apartment's swimming pool--and discovers the angel knocked unconscious after one of her wings was broken due to colliding with an orbiting satellite.

Not wanting to see her be exploited, Jim decides to keep her shielded from the world while he helps repair her wings.

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