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With us it’s all being very positive, the media are like, ‘Oh they’re so cute, they’re best friends.’” Haze also mused that Americans might not be comfortable with a high-profile interracial romance between two woman. Once I see you in that way, it doesn’t happen.“ “But we do f--- and it’s crazy and that’s weird to say because I think about it in terms of an audience reading it and them thinking, ‘What the hell? Baldwin accompanied Haze to the Glastonbury Festival in England, with the rapper performing Saturday."An interracial gay couple, I mean that’s just weird for America right now. This proves difficult, as the angel is unable to speak in human language (though she has no trouble understanding it), and is unaccustomed to the limitations/requirements of life as a mortal. Inevitably, his buddies and his boss both discover her in his house; so does Patty, who—not seeing the angel's wings—thinks that she is a mortal woman having an affair with Jim.Later, Patty sees the Angel and Jim together on television—Wings still under wraps—as he rescues her from being exposed to the world by his buddies, who had kidnapped her. In a short time, the angel's wing is fully healed, allowing her to take flight and return to the pearly gates.Buffy's attitude toward romance changed with time as she grew more mature and decided not to be dependent on men.When broached by a jealous Angel about her growing relationship with Spike, Buffy admitted to him that she wasn't ready for a real, long-term relationship, and came to the conclusion that she was still growing up and getting to know herself..but he's in love with an angel." Date with an Angel tells the story of Jim Sanders, an executive at a cosmetics company, about to marry Patty Winston, the spoiled daughter of Jim's boss.Jim unknowingly suffers from a brain tumor, and his headaches have gotten worse.

In an interview with The Independent published Friday, the “Battle Cry” rapper said that she and Alec Baldwin’s 18-year-old daughter are dating, and lamented that the press has been reluctant to acknowledge the true nature of their relationship.

“There are still certain limitations for women,” the 22-year-old rapper said.

“If we were two guys, it’d be insane, negatively insane with the attention.

Throughout her life, Buffy made several attempts at "normal" relationships with high school boys, like Owen Thurman and Scott Hope, with but her status as the Slayer always got in the way.

Instead, she found herself drawn to the mysterious Angel, an older man who warned her of impending danger in the early days of their relationship.

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