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He sent me my husband only weeks after I poured my soul out to him one day about how..... I really want a job, I want to work but no call backs. Well friend, come on and talk anytime you want, because this girl knows how it is to feel as if invisible in a world of people, and also to lose so darn much heart because no doors will open!

I keep trying to reach employers but they give me the run around. Feels like being in the middle of a barren and dry dessert with no water or life in sight.

this ofcourse is not limited to man/woman relationship but obviously this one is so primary and of greatest Need, 2nd to God who is our utmost supplier.

It's ok if you're not into God, no offense, it's just where my life knowledge and wisdom has come from and it's the only way I can speak the highest truth I know.

Am I feeling sorry for myself, of course I am, I have thought of everyone else for years, I do hope there is no one else feeling this pain.

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Suicide comes to mind a lot then, but i sit down and think how much worse people are out there, and if I only could help, I dont know them, otherwise I would have them around for xmas.

Just invite as many people as you can (even if it's just one other person), share each other's company, feast, and enjoy the day. Singles can find there life partner or date partner from online dating service. I am not in the painful predicament you all are in (but as so common am fighting some pain), but the various tormenting emotional pains have been such a lifelong companion that even if they are yours today and not mine, I know and even feel them intimately.

If you have some muscian friends, fabulous..them to bring their instruments with! Here's an idea to blow your mind, if you care to look into it.

Well, I don't know about building character but it sure made me appreciate my family during this time. Unfortunately, during this time of duress, an overwhelming impact of hopelessness is magnified simply because of the holiday season. i had fixed my plans so i would be with my gf at that time during this Christmas (and she knew how important it was for me to be with her and her family) until she left me - take not - "twice" this year for another guy.

Listen, my friend..you think you are in this position, you certainly don't have to be. so yeah, to everyone it does suck being where we are in only consolation i have is that iat least now i know she is no longer worth going after. I have been lonely every year for the last 8, being a woman on my own, its hard to go out alone, an my friends are so far away.

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