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Oh God, how I hate it, its coming now, and i become a nervous wreck, so what can i do.

I have retired one year ago, and tis is even worse.

Well, I don't know about building character but it sure made me appreciate my family during this time. Unfortunately, during this time of duress, an overwhelming impact of hopelessness is magnified simply because of the holiday season. i had fixed my plans so i would be with my gf at that time during this Christmas (and she knew how important it was for me to be with her and her family) until she left me - take not - "twice" this year for another guy.

Listen, my friend..you think you are in this position, you certainly don't have to be. so yeah, to everyone it does suck being where we are in only consolation i have is that iat least now i know she is no longer worth going after. I have been lonely every year for the last 8, being a woman on my own, its hard to go out alone, an my friends are so far away.

And I push myself aside and all my own frustration, emptiness, and pain, and I reach down inside myself and make my eye single so that it only "sees" You! And I would have the BEST time I could possibly have on christmas and when I finally did leave after all the joy, I know me...

And this crazy girl really is crazy enough that "if" I could (if distance wasn't a problem), I would have a big all out party right on Christmas late evening just for "all" people who are alone this year! I would ball my eyes out all the way home, but not due to dying pain, but due to that certain "blessing" that is a "Promise" from God unto those who "Give" and have a heart to Give More than a heart to Receive.

And I mean a really good party with everything including hats! When you "Give" and especially during times when you feel such a personal Deeep Need yourself, watch out because these are times when God opens the windows of heaven and pours YOU out a blessing you cannot contain. It also doesn't help that i feel friendless...well, they are all busy, married, workaholics. I've tried finding a job but how much rejection can a person take.

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If you have some muscian friends, fabulous..them to bring their instruments with! Here's an idea to blow your mind, if you care to look into it.the joy you will get from this will clear your heart of the pain. hey yer i feel like that to but then I realize I have great family and an awesome 2year old niece which i adore so I just focus on buying presents for people and making Christmas chocolates and all that stuff last Christmas i was with someone but its not like he made it extra special he didn't even write me a card lol.. Why add to your loneliness and pain by buying into the unrealistic expectations about Christmas? The days are shorter, and less sunshine may be causing you a little depression. It is time to remember that you are responsible for caring for the gift of life that you've been given, and you can add something good to someone else's life. Count your blessings and focus on them instead of all that's wrong.helping others around you will take the focus off of yourself and make you realize how fortunate you are to have your health. I think for me new years eve is going to be the killer as I was proposed on last new years eve ,, but hey I am planning to just drink up and try think of next year traveling around meeting all different men hehe lol hope one has dreadlocks Maybe it would help everyone to remember that the modern day fictional character, Santa Claus, was formed by the Coca Cola Company 79 years ago in a 1931 ad campaign to promote their product. Because it points to the fact that Christmas and all the emotional impact surrounding it, is inflicted upon us by the unrealistic expectations created through advertising and movies. Get proactive and get out among people, and do try to get more sunlight, if possible. this is the time when all the lovey dovey couples come out..sucks A LOT at times thats why i try to surround myself with all my friends as much as possible.This "holiday" that tortures the broken hearted will pass and Spring will come again. I dont really like hanging out with the friends that are dating someone though sounds harsh but somehow i always end up being a third wheel to their make out fes Here's an idea for getting the best out of Christmas if you live alone: Invite friends and family over to your place for a potluck dinner.You don't have to do anything expensive, and you don't have to do a gift exchange.

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